Wholesome Living is something we all want but find hard to achieve. It should be so easy, but today’s routines are rushed and so structured.   We have our calendars full of appointments, chores to do, and phone calls to return.  We drive to most destinations.  Our once leisure trips to buy groceries is done in a rushed manner.   We purchase packaged foods, some are processed.   Our juices have additives and some frozen foods too.  Canned foods have chemicals that make them last longer.  Even bread has due dates that are 2 weeks out.   If you make your own, you know they are short lived.

Exercise and good eating sum up the best equation for a healthy life.   E & GE=Health

This sounds so simple and yet it is so difficult to do consistently.  Walking used to be incorporated into our daily living.   People walked to the bus stops or work.  My parents did not have cars for many years.   They walked to store and carried shopping bags of food home.   Can you imagine carrying 5 pound bags of flour, sugar, coffee, or oats?   This was all done on a regular basis.  The vegetables they bought had to be washed well and used while fresh.  

Others worked on farms and naturally got in their daily walks and exercise they needed to stay well.   People would carry feed to the animals, rake the grounds, and bale hay on the farms.   The fresh air and day time hours dictated their schedules.  They got the good rest that came from hard physical labor.  When darkness came, it was time for rest.  The foods they ate were naturally grown and freshly eaten.   Root vegetables were stored and used in the winter, so vitamins were freshly incorporated into their diets regularly.  Fruit trees were grown on their property, potatoes, corn, beans, and other vegetables came from land that was tilled and chemical free.   The sun was a source of Vitamin D.  They covered their heads and wore long sleeves to protect their skin.  Sundays were a day of rest.

To take this to the next level, people wore cotton and natural fiber clothing.   They didn’t waste anything.  They spent time learning domestic arts, crocheting, cooking, hunting, farming skills, woodworking, creating natural remedies for health. They prepared their foods with spices, fresh water, and lots of tender loving care.

I wanted to share with you a food site I found.  It is totally refreshing and promotes a healthy lifestyle.  Simple ideas are the easiest to ignore.  We seem to think that procedures need to be difficult and complicated in order to give us good results. 

One of the sites that I have come to enjoy and want to share is http://www.elliekrieger.com       It is a cooking site filled with simple ideas, refreshing food, and wholesome dishes.  She is also on Facebook Ellie Krieger @Ellie Krieger Official

Join us here tomorrow for ideas on how we can glean the best of the olden days into the knowledge we have today!

Take the first step and put yourself on the escalator of success and good health!


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