It has passed my mind several times in the last month that solutions come together when many people are affected.  As a child, I watched my mom suffer from Lupus.   She was vigilant about keeping connected with the skin doctor, monitoring herself,  and taking time to rest each afternoon.  She would say she was a guinea pig during the war to find solutions.  Unfortunately some of the trials used on her actually did harm.   I used to say that when someone famous  had the disease, more research would be done to help find solutions.   In the last 35 years since she died, I have seen more attention brought to this disease, although I am not sure there has been enough to temper the disease.

Text, write, or message to keep connected. You’ll help create solutions to daily problems. Remember to use the greatest wireless connection there is, namely to pray along the way!

Well with the many weather related problems like hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires, people rally around.  People come together from other parts of the country to find remedies.  Yesterday trucks from Com Ed were lined up from Illinois to go to the Florida area to help restore downed lines and help in restoring power.  Many homes were effected by the horrific winds and damage due to Irma so the help will be good.  The solution to many problems is in keeping connected.

On a humanitarian level, people are still helping send relief to the Houston, Texas area.  Financial and material items certainly help to replace and rebuild homes & businesses, but the post traumatic stress on individuals will be significant.   People deserve and will need attention long after the environment improves. These natural disasters have long term impacts on the pocketbook and patience, but natural disasters can also affect people for longer periods of time.   We need to keep building relationships and contributing whatever we can to help one another.   The smallest kindness can do so much.  Listening to others share their stories is essential.

On the West Coast we are hearing of fires.   I have a cousin in Oregon who told me last week they are still using masks, because of the air quality.  With so many parts of the United States having problems, it is hard to know where to place your attention.   The Power of Prayer helps us connect with others.   It may seem like nothing is being done, when in fact we are sharing our passion and love for one another.

I have been involved in the online program called the Power of You with Mel Robbins.   The group joins together on Facebook and supports one another as they proceed forward using Mel’s 5 Second Rule. (  Staying connected with people who understand the principle she teaches has been empowering.  I much rather be using a group like this rather than one created due to catastrophe.  That is another reason that books and book studies are so good.   They connect us and help us sort through our thinking.

The idea of being connected and unified is key to resolution.   Scientists share their findings, teachers share their methods of teaching, and circumstances bind us together.   Let us all use the greatest wireless connection there is, namely prayer to support and love one another. Have a great day and don’t forget to reach out to others. Begin with a smile!


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