Welcome to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments as Kate Halma and Linda Gullo discuss the essence of being productive. Can you ditch the hamster wheel syndrome? It’s a lively and fun discussion that helps the small business owner and individual move on to the next level.  Join Us!  Sign up for up and coming information on Mini Miracles from Minor Moments.

A Few Books to help you BE productive & “Ditch the Hamster Wheel”

PRODUCTIVITY  isn’t about how much you get done, but what you’re doing and why!  It is about following through with our agendas and trying to grow as an individual.   It doesn’t have to be hard.

Here are a few clues that Linda and Kate share:
1- Create a worthwhile focus and follow through with your goals.
2- Ditch the hamster wheel; get off of it and be productive.
3- Start managing time.  Shut of the phones, the emails, and the extra things that interfere with us
4- Stop multitasking- everything will get done better.
5- Keep things orderly to keep you on task.
6- Start developing systems that will provide for us to be consistent and regimented in daily tasks. Michael Hyatt suggests designing a morning and evening ritual that sets you up to win.
Systems (sweet systems)
7- Get rid of the Office Monster!  You’ll have the opportunity to hear about a Webinar on him!
8- Put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on your door.
Turn off your cell phone.
Unplug you office phone.
Shut down your email and social media apps to focus better.
Increase your ability to focus on things things are important to accomplish.

Suggested readings and websites:

YOUR ONE WORD by Evan Carmichael
5 SECOND RULE by Mel Robbins


In two weeks, join us for Continual Learning!  The ladies conclude with:

“Remember just one step can put you on the escalator of success.” and

“No matter how you feel today, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up!”

Until next time, this is Linda and Kate wishing you a super and productive week!



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