Delight in Living, Ltd. is all about helping people find joy and delight in living!  Perhaps like so many things in life, we don’t know how good we have it until we have lost that very thing that we took for granted.  Welcome to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments where the smallest moments bring Mini Miracles to life!   This is Podcast #64 on What Brings You Joy?

Each week seems to roll around faster and faster.   This week tended to spin past with more rain.   Weather does seem to take center stage these days as people deal with flooding, sink holes, and other weather related issues.  I find the apps on my smart phone growing.   Three that  I currently use are the Doppler Radar, nbc12 weather, and the Weather Channel.  How about you?   Do you use your phone for weather alerts?

                                            Joy arrived during an afternoon walk, lunch, and conversation in Geneva, Illinois!

Today’s podcast will be covering a variety of thoughts are finding and recognizing JOY!  Linda will be discussing a variety of things to lift your spirits.

  • Music – Search out music that lifts your mood. Find the instruments that you enjoy listening to while walking, working, or enjoying your favorite hobby.
  • Color –  Plant flowers, dress in lively colors and textures.  Check out the skies & natural earth tones that nature gives to us.
  • Fragrance – Check out Pelindaba Lavender in Geneva.   It is a new establishment where one can enjoy “The Complete Lavender Experience®.”
  • Visual sites – take photographs and attend galleries
  • References to XM SiriusXM 129 5pm–7pm ET Monday – Friday.
  • Delicious Foods and Shopping  Check out: The Little Traveler is located in downtown Geneva
  • Check out  for Counseling Care & Resources

Just a single step may put you on the Escalator of Success.   Enjoy the minor moments of each and every day to discover joy and mini miracles.


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