Music has the ability to take us away from our problems for sure.   It is equally as helpful in passing the time when one is running or exercising.  It can be equally annoying when one has to sit on the other end of some prerecorded “waiting time” piece of music on the phone.  It is usually not our choice of music.

No doubt you have a favorite form of music.  Can you name it?   Do you have several?   When do you listen to it?  Why and how did you come to enjoy it?  Is music therapeutic for you?

Are you a musician and if so what do you play?   I had a college friend who’s whole family had musical talent.  I recall being their one afternoon as they were jiving.  One would be playing the trumpet and suddenly switch to another instrument.   They were all very versatile and so relaxed!  Their music was therapeutic and fun.

They played for weddings, for their churches, and just to unwind as a family.  They still do enjoy music with the next generation.   I think the love came from their parents.   The dad was among the players.  I don’t recall the mom’s talents, but she was always smiling and very hospitable as well.

Now sometimes music is annoying.   This is important to address, because we want it to be of comfort.  I do know that when I need to really concentrate there are only select things I can listen to.   If you check out “focus music” on the internet you will find there are musical pieces just for this purpose!

So the reason I am blogging on this topic is due to a video clip I viewed on Facebook this past week.  It was of a therapist walking with a man who had Parkinson’s.   He was working so hard trying to move and push his walker along.   When music came on he suddenly picked up the tempo and began moving with ease at a normal pace.   Ease to the point that he began to move without the walker and actually danced with the therapist.   What joy!

Well my husband also has gait issues resulting from a partial paralysis some 27 years ago.  Although he regained movement, it is stilted and difficult for his to move smoothly.  In spite of that, he danced with me and my daughter-in-law at her wedding.   She reached out to him and it was magical.  He was able to dance comfortably.

Small joys like this in life bring on great memories forever.   Turn on the radio, put on a CD or just begin playing your favorite instrument to enjoy!  Let the tunes lift your spirits like the mini miracles in life.


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