I have friend who is so good to animals.   He volunteers his time in helping at a rescue site each week and trying to help the less fortunate animals.  He buys them collars, brings them needed supplies, and provides TCL for the dogs there.

In listening to him, it dawned on me how lucky we are as people to be able to make our own decisions.  We can choose our own doctors, and decide when and if we’ll go to see them.   Dogs if lucky are taken to a vet that they may or may not like.  They have no choice in the matter.

We have a choice to the food we’ll prepare and eat.  Dogs get whatever you feed them; good or bad.   They may get scraps or a regimented diet.  They get water in bowls that are either washed frequently or just constantly refilled.  They need to rely on others for their needs.

We are lucky in many ways.  As children, our parents care for us and see to it that we are educated, medicated, and socialized.   When we become elderly, we are once again at the mercy of someone else to do these things for us.  That includes providing food for us, taking us to the doctor, helping us to make decisions, and waiting for others to find time to help us.  It becomes a task to change a light bulb or carry things when you are older and we revert.  Life is definitely a cycle.

Personally I find being independent such a great gift, don’t you?  We get to make our own schedules and follow our own directions.   We are also very much aware that we pay the consequences of not following through with important things as well.   Being responsible is so important.

So this blog is a call to action.   If you are among the healthy and capable people, be kind and thoughtful to those around you.   There may be a time when you will be on the receiving end.  Be grateful for all that you are able to control; many things are not in our control. Let the Mini Miracles in your life rain down upon you.



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