Linda Gullo

Speaker |  Life Strategist

 “One step can put you on the escalator for success.”

Family and Self

With several years of experience, Linda has many fun and exciting stories to help your audience to be challenged to push through change. Improve your groups or team ability to move forward.

Creative Edge

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Developing hope when things don’t seem possible.

Linda has walked through some of the same issues you deal with daily.

You may be concerned with physical health issues for yourself or a loved one.
You worry about the financial piece of it.
The mental stamina to move ahead.
The feeling of being alone and without help.

Who does this serve?

Linda can help those in your corporation, in a group you belong to, or in a church environment.

Connect now and arrange for her to speak to your group.

Add value to yourself and others, as well as, a roadmap to getting there.

Workshops also available!

Your BUSINESS, STAFF,  will thrive after engaging with Linda as a presenter.  She works with you to encourage and build hope.

Linda will work with your Company to provide an “IN HOUSE” workshop for your staff or workers.  After many years of working with children, teaching high school classes, and college curriculums, she accommodates and works well at developing rapport within a group setting.

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