Linda Gullo

Speaker |  Life Strategist

 “One step can put you on the escalator for success.”

Family and Self

With several years of experience, Linda has many fun and exciting stories to help your audience to be challenged to push through change. Improve your groups or team ability to move forward.

Creative Edge

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Reframe Your Pain and Outsmart it!

We cannot avoid it.  We cannot compare it to what others feel or felt.  We can shut it off sometimes.  Mental wellness works to provide solutions and strategies to deal with pain.   Check in here for help.

We've all experienced the earaches, sore throats, and injuries from overactivity, but some pain is more overwhelming or chronic. Maybe you or your loved one is experiencing that sort of pain.

My husband had severe pain from multiple injuries after an accident. Not only did he suffer from a brain injury, but he had ongoing broken bones. No one seemed to really care or acknowledge his discomfort. He was left to his own wisdom to figure it out. This workshop is a time for you to discuss with other people, find options, and care for yourself. Join us, it will be worth your time.

Act now, there is only seating for the first 10-12 who sign up.

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