Surge Ahead Mastermind Group


Leap Ahead Mastermind group is here for you.   Members connect weekly to encourage, promote, and share ideas for business.  This mastermind group offers participants who are often in remote locations a way to connect and serve one another.   It is an opportunity to seek support while contributing to others along the way.   There is definitely a commitment of being available at a specific time, collaborating with others, and a willingness to maintain a high standard of confidentiality.  Partaking in the group helps everyone involved.

Originally attributed to Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich,  two or more people came together to find clarity and balance in their business and personal life.  Surge Ahead Mastermind encourages participants to be authentic, have an attitude of gratitude, and be open-minded to resolve problems.

The group comes together weekly on a Thursday morning via a phone call.   Each person has the opportunity to speak or take the “hot seat” for help.   The call is for 1 hour.   Since it is important to create unity and and commitment, the first 3 months are paid upfront, $675.  This amount will increase to $350.  for new members after April 1st, 2018.   Others will be grandfathered in at the original cost of $225 a month.

Our mastermind helps make you a better person by receiving support and inspiration from one another.  We help you push to meet your goals and help you transform your dreams into reality.   If you are interested please fill out the application by clicking here and you will contacted.



Delight in Living Mastermind groups are committed to enriching personal and professional growth for YOU.   We work together providing feedback and shared experiences. Meet weekly on a Zoom call with other dynamic business owners.   Payment is made for the year.  

This Opportunity helps you step ahead and grow in confidence.    Grow and use the expertise of the members to take your life to the Next Level with inspiration and insights.  Motivation to reach your goals is a plus!

Find Clarity

Don’t work alone, create kinship and confidence.   Maximize your talents by staying vital. Payment is for 6 months at a time.  Participation is essential.

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