TIMELY TOPICS – April 25th – “Midlife Crisis” or “Heading One Off”


Join Linda for insights and inspiration.   Learn how to appreciate yourself & how to feel better about what you do!  Insights on how to live fully and LOVE yourself!  Meet up with other people who may share the things you need to learn in order to forge ahead with joy.  The sky is the limit so please join us.

Reserve your spot today!


Our next Resolution Workshop on Midlife Crisis meets on November 12 th so register now.  Are you in the midst of Midlife Crisis or trying Heading One Off!  This workshop is limited to 10 people and meets on Monday at 1 pm until 2:30.  It is well worth your time as a help to those in these challenging years.   Whether you hate your job, find your enthusiasm busted, or being  sandwiched between teens and caring for elderly parents, you will want to be here!

Maybe you don’t want to call it a midlife crisis, but just need to move ahead, change jobs, or avoid depression.  Maybe you have relationship issues with the people you love and want to be close to everyday?   This workshop provides ideas, connections, and resources for you.   Don’t delay now.   Sign up here or by calling our office at 815-459-5161.  These workshops are valuable and will fill up quickly.

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