Initial Coaching Visit -Live Life Fully


A kick off visit with Linda to help you get ahead.

Each private session will  help clarify your vision and move ahead with more joy and dynamic insights.  It will be worth your while.

Call for the monthly package that saves you $125. over 5 visits.


For those who would like an Initial Visit with me, please feel free to take advantage of this price and opportunity. If you need guidance and help in setting goals, this is the place to be.  Each individual session will help you not only set a plan of action, but assistance in reaching those goals.   Live in the present moment and receive the inspiration you need.  Linda is an Educator, Psychotherapist, and Catalyst who can help spin you forward into a happier and more fulfilled life.  She will walk the journey with you using creative tools, inspiring stories, and cornerstone habits that last a lifetime.

For “In House” counseling, please call for information.   Ask for student and senior citizen rates for Counseling care.

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