“Learn how to Journal.”

A way to deal with emotions is to find a healthy way to express yourself,  Journaling can help.

The Past is where you learned the lesson.

 The Future is where you apply the lesson you’ve learned.


    (Home work) Write a paragraph on a lesson you’ve learned and tell how you applied it in your life.



Learning a little daily adds up and helps us remember.  Our ability to learn comes from repeating and reviewing. 


    Do I practice my music daily?  do I exercise each day?  Am I good about reading the news?  Do I reread the instructions again and again?


A leader’s credibility begins with personal success.  It ends with helping others achieve personal success.  (John Maxwell)


   So how do we feed ourselves as we get older?  Do we search out like-minded friends?  Do we learn that the profession we entered is stimulating and just perfect?   Do we learn that some foods agree with us and others don’t?  Just how do we stimulate our minds and keep learning?


Lifting a heavy object is doable where many join together to carry the weight.


List the times in your life when a burden became more manageable when there was support from other people.  Have you ever moved a heavy object with the help of another person?   Journal about that experience?   Are you a team player?   Where’s your team?   We can all work together.


The words never, always, everyone, and no one lump people, events, and situations into an over-generalized category.


    List the times in your life when you or someone close to you has over-generalized.  How did that make you feel?   Have you caught yourself doing anything similarly?  Did you feel trapped or defensive?
Strength doesn’t come from what you can do; it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t. 


  What obstacle gave you strength and encouragement?   What obstacles are currently giving you stress?


Cut away all negative self talk.


We use scissors to cut away unwanted borders and trim photographs.  We walk away from relationships that are negative.  Make a  list of the negative things you say to yourself.   Are you aware of what you are teaching yourself?


Success comes in cycles!


   Can you identify a cycle that works for you?  Think of a doable idea.  Try to execute it by writing out steps for yourself & repeat it.


Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go.


     Don’t let feelings rule your head.  when have you let “feelings” take over good judgment?   How will I know not to do that again?


Be gentle with yourself; you are doing the best you can!


     We are the best  when we accept ourselves.  Who reflects to me the best image?  Is it a child, a spouse, or a friend?


Map out positive ideas!


Use your home to map out goals.  


For example:  Fuel yourself with healthy food and good thoughts.   Let the practice of eating well guide you.  In your family room where you enjoy family fun with puzzles and television you might sit and think about the coming holidays and how you can make them even better.  When you are in the Bedroom and resting, you might consider if and when you rest enough.   When I climb the stairs to our bedrooms carrying up laundry, I think of the the good habits I need to keep incorporated in my daily routine.  After awhile these things just naturally occur.


Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.  (St Francis de Sales)


   Do you know anyone who has given their strength to you by a gentle gesture?  Have you ever know a gentle giant?  When have you been gentle and found it to be a strength?



Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday.  Let it go.


  When have you wasted energy on something that was over and done with?

Life-changing events happen without warning. (from Erasing Adversity)

How do you think about change?  Would you prefer to be the agent of change or the victim of change?  Can you write about a time you your life that tripped you up?


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